Summer STEM Camps

Each year, the Governor's School operates a summer STEM camp for rising 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th graders who are looking to increase their scientific knowledge and who exhibit a high aptitude for learning, a positive attitude, and appropriate behavior. Courses are taught through hands-on experiments that are instructive, exciting, and fun!! Students will explore STEM concepts through discussion and hands-on, inquiry-based activities. Camp sessions include Biology, Chemistry, Physics/Engineering, Environmental Science and Webpage Design/Programming. Activities in the different areas might include:

  • “Fermi questions’ and quick challenges in creativity and design
  • exploration of organism adaptations and “creation of organisms of the future”
  • formation of “glaciers” and racing them downslopes of different surfaces
  • “growing flowers” using chemical chromatography
  • analysis of pond water for dissolved oxygen, alkalinity, zooplankton and bacteria
  • soil analysis for particle size and components
  • isolation of DNA
  • zoetrope
  • dissection
  • and MUCH, MUCH MORE.

2014 STEM Camp Parent Testimonial
"I would like to thank the Governor's School Summer Camp Staff for the wonderful experience that was afforded to my daughter. She raved everyday about the great time she was having. She met new friends and gained invaluable knowledge. Her father and I am grateful for the time and effort that was given to our daughter."